Nearly got kidnapped in Subang Inti Coll area

Friday, May 15, 2009

I got this email from my colleague..Since I'm don't like to forward any email that I received to the others..Then I just share it with you guys in this entry..Just read it and take note only...Whether true or not..I have no confirmation on this....

Hi All, Nat is my friend. The incident happen yesterday morning near Inti Colleage. Please help to forward to all your friends especially gals. Gals, be extra alert when driving alone.
Dear all,It was a really scary moment. I parked my car at the open car park opposite Inti coll lab class, trust me i didn't see any motorbike around, was engaged with my customer, OMG quickly and unexpectedly someone standing next to my car knocking my window twice telling me i drop something, I ignored and he seemed to have gone freaking mad, come up with something wan to break the window, i drive off toward the nearest police station without hesitation, meanwhile waiting for my fiance. He followed me halfway there and also i took the pic of tat shitty guy.
Can you imaging if i wasn't engaged on the phone,already get off the car? ""Jenny"", you saved my life.. Thank God 'm safe !!!
Attached picture shitty guy is a indon, plate number WSL 8145, motorbike model light blue Honda xxx.
p/s: Stories just like in the recent chain email, people knock your window ask to check back side of your car just wanna get u off, and who knows what might happened after tat. Phew.. everybody just be careful no matter where you are nowadays.

So..for those gurls out there..Please take agood care of yourself....


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