Buat Menjamu Mata !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Entry nie dedicated to Cik Erin...Yes..I want to make you addicted to Taiwan Drama Series..Please KIV all your Korean Drama Series for the time being..Coz..It's so bored and slow...No mushy2..No kissing2.. Boring maa....and I am unable to enjoy it like you maa...So..I'm trying to feed your frenzy okehh..
Aku tau ayaq liuq ko dh leleh..depan pc..Caber cikit ok..Ko kt opis tu..kang kantoi..hahhaha..So ..introduce you to MIKE HE...Aku nk pomote Devil Beside You...Nie kira setara ngn It start with a kiss 2 gak la...Ko tau..apa yg best ngn cite tu kan...haahha..Awaiting your feedback on this guy ok...Muahhhhhhh ....


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